Team Loaded has the Top 2019 Samantha Brunelle & Top 2020 Isaiah Todd heading to represent out Argentina for USA Basketball

[vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Isaiah Todd has already begun a resume that most do not compile in four years of high school basketball, and he’s just a rising sophomore. A “new age” big, the 6’10 power forward not only can protect the paint, but also handles the ball like a point guard, will run up and down the court, and also can knock down a jump shot when needed. Few players’ possess these skills individually, skills that Todd has combined, making him one of the top players in his class.

The Baltimore native, who now resides in Richmond, VA and plays for John Marshall High School, currently holds twelve offers, and is also one of the members of the 16U USA Team. Isaiah boasts as the only member on the team representing the state of Virginia.

Todd is a player who is fully aware of his talents, but is humble to say the least. When asked how it feels to represent his country, he states, “I’m very excited to be representing my country, and we won’t disappoint.” The team aspect of the game is a big one to Isaiah. His potential is noticeable to many who do not hesitate to let him know this as well. But despite the compliments he may get, Todd only wants to ensure that he works hard and continues to get better.

Getting better will be easy with the competition Isaiah faces not only playing with some of the best players in the country on his USA team, which Isaiah always accredits to being very humbling, but also fun, but as well as being a member of Team Loaded.

With a busy schedule at the hands of the Adidas Gauntlet, Todd looks forward to the finale in Vegas. After the AAU season, Isaiah will continue to not only work on his skill, but begin another season at John Marshall, where he helped his squad go to the state championship Final Four. With senior, Greg Jones gone to JMU, Isaiah will slowly but surely fall into a leadership role, one he looks forward to.

Even as just a sophomore, this is a role that Isaiah has the utmost potential in fulfilling. Managing school, and being a top prospect in basketball is not easy. This is something Isaiah knows for a fact, but with his good study habits, and willingness to always get better, Isaiah will be the top player in the Class of 2020 without a doubt.

By, Meliah Green


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