Thon Maker Will Change Basketball As We Know It! OFFICIAL SOPHOMORE MIXTAPE!!!

Thon Maker just finished up an outstanding year of basketball as he became ESPN’s number 1 ranked player in the nation. He played his high school ball for Carlisle School in Martinsville, Virginia where he competed on a national schedule and showed out in every event he played. He led Carlisle to a VISAA State Championship and was named Player of the Year in Virginia. Following school ball, Thon joined Team Loaded VA where he traveled the Adidas Uprising AAU Circuit. This year’s adidas league was arguably the most competitive out of the 3 main circuits so Thon was able to showcase his talent against the very best in the nation. He was featured on ESPNU at the Adidas Super 64 and led his team to the final four. Following the AAU season, Thon made his way to Adidas Nations where he led Team Lillard to a championship. It seems that everywhere Thon goes, they win. He is a revolutionary player who has the potential to change the game as we know it. His versatility, along with his broad skill set, allows him to do things that we have never seen from seven footers at this age.

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